Freight Analysis Framework Version 4 (FAF4)
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Freight Analysis Framework Data Tabulation Tool (FAF4)

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This option is provided for users interested in tabulating FAF4 data to examine total flows moved between domestic origins and destinations and includes both domestic and foreign shipments. For import shipments, the origin of the flow is the zone (state or region) of entry, and for export shipments the destination of the flow is the zone (state or region) of exit. Mode of transportation for this tabulation is the mode used from zone of entry to the domestic destination, domestic origin to domestic destination, and domestic origin to zone of exit.

Notes: The units of measure are thousands of tons for weight, millions of dollars for value, and millions for ton-miles. Forecasts for 2020 and beyond are for the baseline scenario. Data before the FAF4 base period (1997 through 2007) are only available at the state level because regions differ across years, and thus are not strictly comparable. The current data is version 4.5.


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